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Assessment & Information Group of Pearson. Please visit our Web site for more information about the Assessment & Information Group of Pearson.

Assessment For Learning. Formerly Educational Assessment, www.Pearsona4l.com. The Assessment for Learning (A4L) group of Pearson combines Pearsonís expertise in assessment, instruction and digital technology to create innovative products and services that support educators in personalizing learning for each student. Our experts stand behind the teachers and other professionals involved in a studentís education, creating our products and services with the intent of transforming learning.

Clinical Assessment. The Clinical Assessment group of Pearson, a global leader in clinical assessment, provides a wide range of assessments for personality, behavior, ability, achievement, speech and language, and career interests. For more information visit http://www.pearsonassessments.com.

Talent Assessment. The Talent Assessment group of Pearson publishes scientific assessments that are used globally to hire and develop the 21st century workforce. Its instruments measure critical thinking, problem-solving and a range of job skills to deliver data-driven insights that inform and clarify an organization's human capital decisions. Additional information about Pearson Talent Assessment can be found at http://www.talentlens.com/en/.

Data Solutions. Technology and data management. Formerly Edustructures www.edustructures.com, and National Transcript Center www.transcriptcenter.com. Edustructures seamlessly and securely connects disparate software applications, databases and networks. The products, professional services, and development tool kits are based on the standard for Interoperability in education, the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIFģ). National Transcript Center (NTC), a national e-transcript and student record exchange provider. NTCís comprehensive solutions for securely exchanging electronic student transcripts and student records enhance Pearsonís ability to deliver integrated solutions to increase automation, digital workflow, and data quality in PK-20 education Ė enabling the development of longitudinal data systems to improve student success.

Evaluation Systems. Formerly National Evaluation Systems, www.nesinc.com. The Evaluation Systems group of Pearson is an experienced provider of standards-based teacher certification testing programs.

Knowledge Technologies. Knowledge Technologies was formed through Pearsonís acquisition of Knowledge Analysis Technologies www.pearsonkt.com in 2004 and Ordinate Corporation www.ordinate.com in 2008. The Knowledge Technologies group of Pearson creates automated solutions for text analysis and speech assessment. Pearsonís automated spoken language tests measure speaking and listening language skills. The speech assessment technology automatically scores overall speaking proficiency, as well as sentence mastery, vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation.

School Systems. Formerly Pearson School Systems, the School Systems group of Pearson is a leading provider of K-12 education solutions for student information management, reporting and analysis. For more information, visit http://www.pearsonschoolsystems.com/.

State and National Services. Formerly Pearson Educational Measurement, the State and National Services group of Pearson is the most comprehensive provider of educational assessment products, services and solutions for states, large school districts, and national assessments, offering a full range of assessment and information solutions in all subjects, grades, and content areas. For more information, visit http://www.pearsonassessments.com.

Pearson Digital Learning. The Pearson Digital Learning group of Pearson is a leader in digital and online learning through its Waterford Early Learning programs that now have more than 1 million Pre-Kindergarten through second grade students logging on; its SuccessMaker program for Kindergarten through grade 8 with more than two million users globally; and the NovaNET program providing comprehensive personalized online curriculum for middle school through adult learners to help meet the need for credit recovery, drop-out prevention and response to intervention needs serving more than 3 million students in the past 10 years. For more information, visit http://www.pearsonschool.com/digital.

Pearson VUE. The computer-based testing business of Pearson for information technology, academic, government and professional testing programs around the world. Pearson VUE provides a full suite of services from test development to data management, and delivers exams through the world's most comprehensive and secure network of test centers in 165 countries.

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